Hi there, I'm

Ferdie Swinkels

Full-Stack Developer and Game Developer


About Me

When I was just 3 years old I was introduced to the wonderful world of computers and games. My dad basically spoonfed me with the lastest tech and video games magazines and we thoroughly enjoyed playing games and building computers together ever since.

Nowadays, I use this still very alive sense of curiosity and this quest for knowledge and pursuation to explore the limits of technology and video game development. What inspires me a lot is that I get to think about (and most of the time also actually solve) real-life problems with software.

In my spare time I work on (in my opinion) intriguing concepts for video games, because I think video games are one of the most interesting ways of delivering a message. My personal goal is to make people familiar with my sometimes weird, yet (hopefully) inspiring perspective of life through playing the video games I make.


Game Jams Joined


Games released

Main Skills

A grasp of what I've been doing most lately


Full-Stack Development

In all of my professional positions so far, I've worked extensively with the .NET framework to create anything from apps, back-ends and API's. In the last 4 years I've extended this experience to include several front-end frameworks, databases and different operating systems. My experience mainly consists of C#, .NET Core/ASP.NET, MongoDB, Flutter/Dart, Django/Python, NodeJS and TypeScript


Game Development (Unity)

Over the last 6 years, I've been making games both professionally and in my spare time. Most of those projects I've made with Unity/C#. In this experience some focus areas were core framework development, gameplay programming, API integration and graphics (render pipeline, shaders, etc.).